If you are looking for a practical way to show your products, then 3D modelling is a good time-saver choice and the photorealism will make your items look as if they were real photos. Classical studio photos are not always an option, so we can create the perfect virtual setting to make your creations stand out.

It is also perfect for products that do not exist yet: you can have a complete catalogue before the beginning of the actual production.


Anything you can imagine can be modelled. Whether it is a rigid surface object or organic shapes based, we can accurately digitally reproduce your product in all its features.


This is particularly suitable for websites product presentation and product catalogues where the item can either be showed as it is or combined in an appropriate background context that could be a real photo or a virtual setting we can design according to your needs.

3D setting created for a photographed sofa - Rima collection 2018

Rima collection 2018

Liventia by Wippy Idea | Kickstarter campaign 2018

Door collection 2017 | collaboration with

RAD Radiant Architecture | collaboration with

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